measuring customer experience

The advantage of online surveys for looking at the customer experience is their speed and efficiency. The information may not be very rich at the individual level.

Protecting Your Brand From the Consumer's Perspective

We live in a world where opinions rapidly reach the farthest corners of the world wide web. Consumers expect their high standards and expectations to be met without reserve and can be your best (or worst) touchpoint reference. You need a service oriented solution for consolidating the efforts you take toward customer service that outshines your competitors. Your business can experience the kind of helping hand you seek to provide your clients as you build their best customer experience ever.

How do you determine the ways your customer is influenced toward or against your brand?

When does your customer's opinion begin to be informed regarding the services you have to offer and your ability to perform them? As soon as a potential client has established the need for a particular product or service, that individual begins searching for the company that will be able to fulfill the need with the highest quality performance, the best price, and the highest end product. The company in need researches the possible providers. It looks at reviews of each provider and feedback on the long-term success of the end product. This is where your customer's experience with your brand begins today. Occurrences of customer contact can include

Promotions you extend,
Phone conversations with a company representative,
In-store interactions with an associate,
Social media responses,
Accurate or inaccurate billing experiences
Delivery of the item purchased
Usefulness of the purchase
Available support for post-purchase issues

Each of these areas can contribute to the customer's over-arching customer experience, and each of these areas can be controversial or glowingly positive for your brand. A superior experience from start to finish can ensure business growth, but a less than stellar experience does not have to mean defeat for your company.

What can you do with feedback?

First, you need to be aware of any kind of feedback you receive, preferably as soon as the feedback is provided. You may need support in providing online customer surveys, gathering data from actual customers, or assessing your competition. You may also need to make sure your employees are on board with your vision for your company and that they agree to serve clients with that vision in mind. You may need to provide extra customer service training. But if you are not aware of the feedback being expressed across platforms regarding the service your customers have received from your company, you will not have the tools to improve your provision of a high quality experience for those who have chosen you

Let's face it, there are others who provide the same services you do. It's a consumer world, primed for the opinions of those who have experienced interactions with your brand. A negative review does not have to be a death sentence for your brand, but consumer eyes are watching for your response. Your response must be swift and decisive. Sometimes you need support in your improvement efforts. Your brand is at stake. Seek the highest quality service available to you. That is what your customer does.